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No Time For Love is back with a superb vinyl from one of the most talented Romanian artists: Sublee.Sublee (Baumbaum Label, Metereze, Serialism Records) has created 3 unique seductive and captivating tracks. Thre pure minimal gems that you must have in your collection.
Global techno titan Josh Wink returns to his own Ovum Recordings for big new single 'Balls Back', which comes with a remix from Marco Faraone.
Clear marbled vinyl.Deep, trippy, Dub Techno and Detroit inspired cuts by Daniel Stefanik.
For the first time ever brand new remixes of Stephan's iconic Systematic classic tracks from the years 2005 and 2006 with high grade remixers on the desk only.
The first in a who-knows-how-many part series, Fantastic Man returns to Superconscious with his "Visions Of Dance", guiding 4 otherwise unwieldy mechanical modular manifestations, into high UV index rollers.
Originally released in 2005, "Insen" is the second collaboration album between Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto and the second installment of V.I.R.U.S.'s five albums series.Remastered in 2021 in collaboration with Calyx Studio, the album's recordings are accompanied by an unreleased composition titled "Barco".
Two vinyl only tracks (D1 and D2).Mihai Popoviciu: "The album’s called "home" because it is inspired by my experiences from my home city Sibiu in Romania. Home is also the place where the album was produced, in my stripped down studio. It is where I always return to rest and chill after touring the world and the place where I feel most safe and comfortable. The artwork shows an image of the airport lane in Sibiu with surrounding hills and mountains in the back. It is a metaphoric "gate" to both leave and return home."
Soma proudly presents Functional Designs, the latest collection of nocturnal environments from Deepchord, marking his first full length album release on Soma in 5 years. The enigmatic Detroit based producer once again transports us into his sonic realm via night-walks through numerous cities before being transmuted into aural excellence through field recordings, holographic synth tones, cosmic sounds and the hiss of electric wires. All swimming around in filtered 4/4 beats and subterranean basslines. The album is a perfect example of electroacoustic techno transmitted from undisclosed locations, the amalgamation of swirling tapestries of sound, deeper than night and lifeforms moving around underneath the grid.
When two musicians intensively work together for a period of time, at some point the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. If Paul Boex and Dave Miller hadn't already reached that status under their Abstract Division moniker, they certainly have now, with the release of Midnight Ensemble, their first full length album.
Exceptional 12inch by Decka, comes on Tar Hallow with five hard force, direct, groove-tunnelling cuts.
A wild Paling appears. Tafkamp presents Irv Da Perv coming thru with The Most Wanted Digital Dubplates Vol. 2 on the Paling Trax Limited imprint. A selection of essential ghetto-influenced bangers on this 6-tracker EP - all killer no filler.
Tensal is back, this time on the Artscore series with a total Floorfiller on 12".
It's always good to have Norbak onboard again with this brand new slice of plastic. Four cuts of precise and gymnastic techno aimed for the most advanced dancefloors energetic and intelligent at the same time, as we like.
LIP006 introduces a new face to the label: DJ Physical. Seemingly emerging out of nowhere but already familiar to the connaisseur, 2022 sees him bursting onto the scene with releases on renowned labels such as 10 Pills Mate and Shall Not Fade.For his 'Calm & Quiet' EP on Life In Patterns he delivers an auditory self-portrait describing his state of mind during the last two years. The brutality of these long periods of confinement and the frustration it entailed are expressed in distant melancholic pads, raw acid lines and sombre rap vocals showcasing the Paris based artist's UK jungle and Australian techno influences.The EP is completed by two collaborations, a stab infused roller with label head Ferdinger and an acidic moody banger with childhood mate DJ Bigspin.
Dimi Angelis presents the 11th release on his ANGLS label - four timeless, heavily saturated,and straightforward tools decorated with minimalistic and highly effective sequences.
New Various artists series on SNTS sub label Sacred Court with the Fourth Sentence.
Exceptional collection of Eddie Richards classics and rarities. A retrospective series of UK Acid-House pioneer.
Exceptional collection of Eddie Richards classics and rarities. A retrospective series of UK Acid-House pioneer.
Exceptional collection of Eddie Richards classics and rarities. A retrospective series of UK Acid-House pioneer.
Limited edition purple transparent vinyl - silver foiling sleeve as in previous EPM 20th anniversary releases EP1, EP2 & EP3.Now we've enlisted Shed, CYRK, Inigo Kennedy and Works of Intent - all artists who we've had the pleasure to work with in the last 2 decades - to remix some of those 'EPM20' tracks.
Voltage Imprint closes of its single digit releases with a fine taste, club-focused EP by Altinbas & Cirkle: Cynical Moves.
The first of 4 singles launch in July with ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dust & Gas’. Both tracks set a brooding atmosphere. The rougher percussion, and eerie lead in ‘Dark Matter’ is accompanied by a stripped back sound and glitchy vocals sitting in a spaced-out atmosphere in ‘Dust & Gas’. Its deep and minimal drum work is exceptional. The start of a sonically evolved journey for its listeners, this album is what many have waited for, with a few unexpected twists along the way.
The second of the 4 singles is out in August. ‘Escape’, a deep, dark and pulsating track that sets the tone for the body of work on the album. Coupled with ‘Elevation’ and it’s understated arp and crisp percussion for the second single.
"Bottom Dweller" is the third of four singles for Dubfire's debut album "EVOLV".
Includes Definition remix.
Fresh off the back of her recent DJ Kicks compilation release and an EP for Shall Not Fade in 2021, Cinthie returns to Will Saul’s Aus imprint for her first EP release of 2022, once again delivering her raw, energetic House sound to the world.
This one has secretly been on the sticks of some of your favourite Balearic/Disco DJs for quite some time now. Guaranteed dancefloor ecstasy. Finally available for the first time, in season for Summer & festivals.
The incredible artist Casual Treatment landed on Eclectic Limited with his solo ep called "Discipline". 4 stunned tracks representing the real character of the artist.This project signed the last chapter of "wired cube" concept that was our fantastic mission for 2 years.
Dark green marbled vinyl. Includes poster.Talented in being able to get people rising high for a physical or mental holiday this acid freak from Malta is about to take you on a trip. Neil Hales aka Acidulant owns a serious collection of both classic and modern hardware and knows how to use it to create some of the best Acid House around. With multiple singles and eps on different labels, this time Zodiak Commune Records has the honor to welcome this multitalented producer with a specially tailored tasty acid techno release.
Black, gold and blue splatter vinyl.Narciss makes his Lobster Theremin debut with the four-to-the-floor techno and trance leaning 'Language Of Love' EP.Berlin based DJ and producer Narciss serves up his heaviest offering to day, with this four-track, hard-driving, slime-coated EP glued together with soaring 90's euphoric trance pads, thundering low end, crackling hi-hats and monstrous techno drops. Pure emotion with the primary purpose of causing mayhem on the dancefloor. Warehouse anthems for the home ravers.
Gold marbled vinyl.Techno demon D.Dan kicks off 2020 with big dystopian energy. Raw grooves, slippery psychedelia, and slammin' low end. Following a series of adored releases from D.Dan, 'Mutant Future' EP is a dynamic release that pulls you in hard and spins you out glistening.
Chlar delivers his debut record for SHDW & Obscure Shapes' Mutual Rytm imprint.Emerging as artist of note for both now and the future, Chlar continues to craft and shape his sound as he curates his own high-octane approach to techno. Combining dynamic performances taking in three and four deck mixes with his own up front productions and his talents as a former mastering engineer, the Swiss talent has become a respected name amongst his peers. After releases on Lobster Theremin and his own Bipolar Disorder imprint, the Berlin-based DJ, producer and label boss heads to SHDW & Obscure Shape's blooming label Mutual Rytm to deliver six precise and powerful cuts across his 'Optimized Groove' EP.
The final sixer from "Watergate 28" LP mixed by Biesmans inside 3 months, a testament to his talent and intense focus. Featuring collabs with Mathew Jonson, Mala Ika, TomTheBomb, Johannes Albert, Kid Simius and another solo cut from the Belgian producer’s 17 original tracks for W28, arguably the label’s most ambitious to date. And this EP's a banger.
A generous DJ/party-friendly 6-pack from Biesmans’ brilliant, intense contribution to Watergate’s revered mix LP series, selecting from the 17-track LP collaborations with Adana Twins, Shubostar, Dusky, Kasper Bjørke & Jacob Bellens and Zombies in Miami, plus a solo from the Belgian Indie dance maestro.
Greece DJ Snatch & Blacksoul joined forces to create Those Guys From Athens based on their mutual love for Boogie sounds. Expect dancefloor fillers and soulful sounds around from the globe. Featuring 4 smooth midtempo and slow jam dancefloor edits.
Includes digital download voucher.Massimiliano Pagliara returns to Permanent Vacation with his fourth studio album "See You In Paradise". After the highly acclaimed "Nothing Stays In One Place For Long" EP from 2020, this is the first full-length from the Italian-raised and Berlin-based producer for the label.Albums in the dance music genre can often be a challenge in terms of finding the right balance between the dancefloor and listening at home. Massimiliano, however, mastered this craftmanship perfectly while reviving the art of the album format.Mostly written and produced in the lockdown period of spring 2020 these 10 tracks offer the whole sonic spectrum from the "Massi universe". The hardware enthusiast blends analogue-heavy and bright synthesizer melodies, pop hooks, Chicago house groove with more technoid tracks and atmospheric soundscapes. Taking you on a journey through his mind, body and soul: From his underground disco passion and pulsating dancefloor moments to ethereal and meditative ambience.
Released for the first time in 2009, "utp_" is the third installment of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s V.I.R.U.S.'s series. It was commissioned for the 400th anniversary of Mannheim, Germany. The flowing 10-section multimedia work derives its shape from a rasterized structure of the southwestern city, founded in 1608. The recording documents the work’s debut performed by Ensemble Modern at the National Theatre in Mannheim. The music embraces the electronic, piano-based palettes, an expanded array of avant-garde chamber instrumentation and natural timbres. It combined the digital visual score created by Carsten Nicolai and Simon Mayer, and lighting design by Nigel Edwards.
Purely raw techno cuts in Detroit manners let you drift hypnotic.Benales, Zadig, Tsuyoshi Ogawa and Gerald VDH give expression to this record.

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