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Steve Rachmad's subliminal debut album 'Secret Life Of Machines' was originally released way back in 1995. In 2012 the album was re-issued, although three tracks didn't make it to the vinyl re-issue. Now ten years later this new EP now re-issues also these three tracks after all: 'Satyricon', 'Hydroxy' and 'Draghixia'.
Re-issue of seminal Mr. Fingers album 'Amnesia', available officially for the first time in 32 years on Larry Heard's own Alleviated Records. This remastered collection of early Mr. Fingers works is an absolute must have.
Unreleased tracks from the vaults of Finlands' finest.
Lisbon's Paraiso bring their A&R a-game once again with a stellar EP by one of the city's most beloved techno DJs - VIL - and a chef's kiss remix by the one and only queen of twisted dance, EDND from Algarve.
First record is yellow and second is black.Coming hot on the heels of dynArec's "Murder Is The Number" EP, Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics label presents this double-pack by Alonzo, aptly named "They Come In Twos". Originally from Miami and now based in New York, Alonzo has previously released on W.T. Records, Zement, RotterHague, Phormix, Kraftjerkz, and Lost Soul Enterprises. He's also known as Lithium Parasites alongside bandmate, Vidrio. Alonzo's uncompromising approach draws influence from bleak urban landscapes, old city ruins, kinematics and all things bass which he finely represents across these 8 new tracks.
Detroit influenced 4 tracker by Paty Pat on Nighttripper. Heavy grooving fast-paced classic techno tracks on this versatile release. From stripped-down dubby techno to fierce peak time techno tools.
It's not every day we see a new release from John Beltran's alias Indio. With releases previously only on Transmat and Rhytmic Tech some 10 and 20 years ago we are very exited to present to you his new EP called Phoenix, and what a release it is! Phoenix is a full on Detroit dance floor belter with warm strings and comes with strong remixes from E.R.P. and Stryke.
The third volume of this modern classic, moroccan only compilation, blends peak-time heavy-hitters and more subtle moments. it gathers bergsonist kosh ocb malik jalil and viewtiful joe. OG soundtrack from the motion city, casablanca.
Tibor Kocsis doesn't take a minute to introduce himself on his first EP for 030303 records; he presents himself with a slap in your face from the very first second. Title track Delta Ophiuchi is heavy duty dancefloor material... reminiscing of the very best of K Alexi Shelby's early works, just a little more focused and to the point maybe - an instant rush and an instant classic! Second track Nekorb is a little sweeter and more for the after hours. The remaining 3 tracks keep that same flow; a wonderful blend of Chicago, psychedelic British acid house and electronic minimal wave.
A new EP by UK DJ / producer, Controlled Weirdness lands on Cultivated Electronics Ltd (CE's vinyl only sister label). On 'In The Shadows' he delivers 4 earthy and raw Electro cuts with exciting electronics, tough beats and wonky acid.
Talismann presents Percussion Part 3. The Series have come full circle, the Dragon at last bites its own tail. Riding the relentless rhythms into eternity. Percussion has come to the End and therefore its Beginning...
Twelve years since Brendon Moeller first appeared on Delsin's Ann Aimee offshoot it's time for a welcome return to Delsin Records. The prolific producer, also active as Echologist and Beat Pharmacy, hereby presents one of his most deep going, spaced out and experimental modular works to date. Crispy noodling electronics diluted with Moeller's trademark minimalist dub scapes, reaching from the mesmerizing the rubbery basslines of 'Route' to the energizing fast paced rhythms of 'Motor'.
Terrain, a new collaborative project from two London-based artists, debuts on the Delsin Mantis series. With an appropriately immersive, subliminal approach to contemporary techno, they present a sound split between low BPM, creeping intensity and dynamic broken techno. It clearly implies an acute instinct for the vibe the sublabel is exploring. Steely, dub-kissed textures and impulses shape out the space, while the drums fall in crisp, precisely interlocking formations.
Delsin marks its milestone 150th release in a rainstorm of gorgeous arps with a full EP from Voiski. For Luc Kheradmand it's a return to the label which carried his 2020 collaboration with Wata Igarashi and where he issued early single Breaths Written Outside Gloom. For Delsin it's the perfect way to sum up different dimensions of the label's identity - richly melodic, machine-powered and yet distinct from any illusion of a typical 'Delsin sound'. The End Of Fiction EP marks a new chapter in Kheradmand's approach and intention.
RTR delivering a crazy dovers album full of infectious acid and breakbeat injected tunes. Flirting with Squarepusher and Luke Vibert influences '61 Cygni' will sound familliar, yet still fresh, adventurous and bubbly.
Bristol based producer Gilbert steps into the time machine with this wonderful EP that sonically and spiritually connects to the early works of Warp pioneers such as B12, LFO and Speedy J.
No Time For Love is back with a superb vinyl from one of the most talented Romanian artists: Sublee.Sublee (Baumbaum Label, Metereze, Serialism Records) has created 3 unique seductive and captivating tracks. Thre pure minimal gems that you must have in your collection.
Global techno titan Josh Wink returns to his own Ovum Recordings for big new single 'Balls Back', which comes with a remix from Marco Faraone.
Clear marbled vinyl.Deep, trippy, Dub Techno and Detroit inspired cuts by Daniel Stefanik.
The first in a who-knows-how-many part series, Fantastic Man returns to Superconscious with his "Visions Of Dance", guiding 4 otherwise unwieldy mechanical modular manifestations, into high UV index rollers.
Two vinyl only tracks (D1 and D2).Mihai Popoviciu: "The album’s called "home" because it is inspired by my experiences from my home city Sibiu in Romania. Home is also the place where the album was produced, in my stripped down studio. It is where I always return to rest and chill after touring the world and the place where I feel most safe and comfortable. The artwork shows an image of the airport lane in Sibiu with surrounding hills and mountains in the back. It is a metaphoric "gate" to both leave and return home."
Soma proudly presents Functional Designs, the latest collection of nocturnal environments from Deepchord, marking his first full length album release on Soma in 5 years. The enigmatic Detroit based producer once again transports us into his sonic realm via night-walks through numerous cities before being transmuted into aural excellence through field recordings, holographic synth tones, cosmic sounds and the hiss of electric wires. All swimming around in filtered 4/4 beats and subterranean basslines. The album is a perfect example of electroacoustic techno transmitted from undisclosed locations, the amalgamation of swirling tapestries of sound, deeper than night and lifeforms moving around underneath the grid.
When two musicians intensively work together for a period of time, at some point the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. If Paul Boex and Dave Miller hadn't already reached that status under their Abstract Division moniker, they certainly have now, with the release of Midnight Ensemble, their first full length album.

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