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Heracid / Madjafala

Heracid / Madjafala
Heracid / MadjafalaHeracid / Madjafala






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 9, 2021

Extrawelt are back with a raw unpolished techno jewel called "Heracid".

Extrawelt are back with a raw unpolished techno jewel called "Heracid". A track that slowly drills deep into your techno soul. Be sure this track will not let you down. It has that unique Extrawelt quality of being friends with you before it even gains traction. Maybe it is the trust you put in Extrawelt after having released so many great tracks that you feel in good hands and in good company with this new Extrawelt track!
"Heracid" is no classic acid track though it throws in a reference to the acid days. But overall it carries more of an undercurrent urgency and simmering that builds the tension of the track. This may as well put it next to the excellent techno tracks you have heard recently. It is a powerful and muscular track to sink into and enjoy.
"Madjafala" has a different logic than the a-side track "Heracid" it gives only vague „answers“ to the arising expectations when listening to the track. It could be called a track perfectly in tune with our unstable times. There is certainly a lot of neurotic energy and tricky twists in directions you would not have expected. There is enough tension for a whole year in this unusual track.
The vinyl comes with a very nice and minimalistic cover art from Maria Louceiro featuring a pattern made of frozen waves, beautiful and interrupted.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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