I opened Lo-Fi Records for the first time endings of 2013 and closed in mid-2017 due to severe anxiety problems caused mainly by a burnout. After a slow but progressive recovery, I reopen Lo-Fi Records again in June 2019.
The shop is mainly focused on electronic music vinyl records.

I’m 43 years old while writing these lines and since I felt in love with music at the age of 14 I have plenty of experience in the music industry now. I work and/or have worked as a musician, DJ, record label owner, distributor and record store owner. Since my early teen years (a bunch of years ago now) I feel a strong attraction for the vinyl format and have not stopped supporting and defending this format until today, the same way I defend things that are real and made with passion.

I’ve always been -and still being- an impatient person. Currently trying to slow down and not to worry about things that don’t depend on me in all aspects of my life. So I’m trying to apply the slow life mode to my company Lo-Fi Records as well. So, although we do our best to make you wait the less possible time, please be understanding if an email from you takes some hours instead of minutes to be responded, or a box is shipped tomorrow instead of today.

Love, Peace and Vinyl!

Pep Gaya